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Kindergarten Readiness

Help your child be Ready for Kindergarten!
Does your child know his personal information?
Full name
Street Address
Phone number
Can your child
Recite the alphabet?
Read uppercase or lowercase letters?
Print their name?
Count to thirty?
Sort objects by color, size and shape?
Match quantities with a numeral up to 10?
Count two groups of objects for a sum up to 10?
Does your child
Use sentences of at least 5 words?
Have text awareness? (Can they sit with a book and show the front and the back of the book, know pages are turned from front to back, and words progress from left to right, top to bottom.)
Know the names of body parts? (Elbows, knee, ankle, shoulder, hand, finger, thumbs, chin, nose, forehead, ears, feet, toes)
Can your child
Stand on one foot?
Walk backwards?
Walk on a line?
Draw common shapes? (Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, X, O)
Other areas to think about include self-help and social skills.
Eating: Can they use a fork and spoon without help?
Dressing: Can they put on clothes, shoes, socks with no assistance?
Toileting: Are they independent with their toileting skills?
Do they have relationships with peers? With Adults?
Do they share their feelings with others?
Does your child keep interest in activities or projects?
Does your child take turns, share, ask for permission, and accept disappointment?
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790 Shaw Station Road, Leitchfield, KY 42754
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