CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION                                              08.2321 AP.1

Copyrighted Materials
Notice of Use Policy

Responsibility to Inform

The Principal/designee shall inform school personnel of the following procedures regarding the duplication of copyrighted materials:

1. Material including, but not limited to, the following may be subject to copyright protection:

a) Musical

b) Dramatic

c) Literary (including workbooks, tests, etc.)

d) Pictorial

e) Sound recordings

f) Audiovisual works

g) Computer software

h) Architectural works

i) Choreographic works

2. Copyrighted materials that are copied shall not be used for profit.

3. The teacher may make a single copy of copyrighted material in preparation for class.

4. Except for computer software, the "Fair Use" allowance permits limited reproduction and use of copyrighted materials for classroom use.

5. Except for computer software, if the teacher needs multiple copies, the number shall not exceed one (1) copy per student.

6. In the case of computer software, a single copy may be made to be used only for "backā€‘up" or archival purposes.

Digital Technology/Distance Learning

The District may use instructional transmissions as part of any distance learning classes, provided use complies with guidelines set forth in federal regulations and the following criteria are met:

1. The performance and/or display is a regular part of instruction; and

2. Technical measures are utilized to reasonably prevent keeping material beyond

the class session and distributing it.

Revised 6/14/07