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Summer learning camps and lots of fun are in store for students from 1st through 10th grades. Plus, thanks to the generosity of the Cann, Mahurin, and Minton families, scholarships specifically for Grayson County students are available for some programs. Learn all about the opportunities open to curious mindsthis summer at the WKU Center for Gifted Studies.

S.T.O.P TIpline Provides anonymous reporting

Grayson County Schools provides the Safety Tipline, Online Prevention or S.T.O.P Tipline through the Kentucky Center for School Safety. This resource is designed for use as an "online" reporting/prevention tool. If students, parents or community members know of an unsafe situation in school (bullying, weapons, drugs or alcohol, etc.), they can anonymously pass on that information to school personnel by using this basic email format.

Immunization Regulations 

Amendments to the state law regarding immunization schedules (902 KAR 2:060) required for attending school took effect in the 2018-19 school year. There is a timing requirement for the vaccination schedule, so families should plan on an early start in order to be prepared for the upcoming school year.

* All students in kindergarten through twelfth grade must show proof of having received two doses of Hepatitis A vaccine to attend school (doses are administered 6 months or more apart), and

* Students 16 or older must show proof of having received two doses of Meningococcal ACWY vaccine (MenACWY) to attend school. However, if the first dose of MenACWY was received at age sixteen or older, the second dose is not required for school entry.

Parents and caregivers are advised to see their child’s medical provider or local health department as soon as possible regarding immunizations. Updated and current immunization certificates are to be submitted to the school before the start of the new school year.

New KY Requirements for Elementary Schools 
New KY Requirements for Middle Schools 
New KY Requirements for High Schools 

Additional enrollment and health forms

DELL Member Purchase Plan

Open to all Grayson County Schools staff, students and families, this program provides exceptional everyday prices on PCs, tablets, electronics and accessories. Shop with your Member ID: US29262112. Visit dell.com for exclusive member deals and special limited time offers. Or call 800-695-8133 to speak with a sales representative.

Foster's Propane School Days Program

Take advantage of the School Days program and help your child’s school earn up to $2,000. Check with your school to see if they are participating, then save your original propane receipts to turn in. Check with family and friends to donate their receipts, as well. For every gallon shown on each receipt, your school can earn $.02. It may not seem like a lot, but can add up very quickly – up to $2,000.