Grayson County Schools has been awarded a literacy grant to provide Footsteps2Brilliance for all children age birth through 1st grade who live in the county. This comprehensive (and free) literacy app is a fun and exciting new way to help parents prepare their child for school.

Visit Footsteps2Brilliance to learn more.


-- Students of Grayson County Schools will be enrolled at their school.
-- Children not yet enrolled in the district can 
register for the program then download the app to get started.


1. Make sure you and/or your device are in a Wi-Fi area and are physically in Grayson County.

2. On your device, go directly to the registration site or type in the URL

3. Follow the steps to register your child.

4. After you complete the registration and Agree to the Privacy Policy terms, you will receive an email at the address you provided during the registration process that contains your parent username and password and your child’s Super Secret Code.

5. Download the Footsteps2Brilliance Enterprise app from your device’s app store (if using a Smart Device). If you are using a PC or laptop, you will go directly to the sign-in page.

6. Once you are on the sign-in page, you will enter your username and password in the blue box. (You will do this on EVERY device your child will be using for Footsteps2Brilliance).

7. This will open up the program and allow you to download the books and activities.

8. You will have to download EACH color level separately. You can also download only one color level at a time if you choose.

9. Once ALL books are downloaded, log out of the program.

10. Have your child log in with his/her Super Secret Code and they are ready to begin. By logging in with their Super Secret Code, the usage data can be collected by the district.