Help Your Child Be Ready for Kindergarten!

Does your child know THEIR...

  • Full name?
  • Age?
  • Birthday?
  • Street Address?
  • Phone number?

Can your child...

  • recite the alphabet?
  • read uppercase or lowercase letters?
  • print their name?
  • count to thirty?
  • sort objects by color, size, and shape?
  • match quantities with a numeral up to 10?
  • count two groups of objects for a sum up to 10?

Does your child...

  • use sentences of at least 5 words?
  • have text awareness? (Can they sit with a book and show the front and the back of the book, know pages are turned from front to back, and words progress from left to right, top to bottom.)
  • know the names of body parts? (elbows, knee, ankle, shoulder, hand, finger, thumbs, chin, nose, forehead, ears, feet, toes)

Can your child...

  • stand on one foot?
  • walk backward?
  • walk on a line?
  • draw common shapes? (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond, X, O)

Self-Help and Social Skills

  • Can they use a fork and spoon without help?
  • Can they put on clothes, shoes, socks with no assistance?
  • Are they independent with their toileting skills?
  • Do they have relationships with peers? With Adults?
  • Do they share their feelings with others?
  • Does your child stay interested in activities or projects?
  • Does your child take turns, share, ask for permission, and accept disappointment?