Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs


The District School Nutrition Program shall provide modified menus or food preparation for students as required by their individual education plan (IEP), Section 504 plan, or health plan.

The District School Nutrition Program shall be informed of any student who is unable to consume the meals normally served at the school in which s/he is enrolled.

Nutrition Program services shall provide for substitution of food items based on child-specific medical guidance.


Parents will be asked to:
1. Notify the school principal of any food allergy or special dietary need related to a disabling condition or medical necessity.
2. Provide medical information from a District-approved recognized medical authority (RMA) authorized to practice within the State of Kentucky as noted in the student’s IEP, 504 plan or health plan.
3. Provide updated medical information as requested by the District.
4. Participate in any meetings or discussions regarding the student’s meal plan.
5. Notify the school of any changes relating to the food allergy or special dietary need.


1. Identify children requiring special dietary modifications
2. The Principal or designee shall refer a student with known or suspected special dietary needs for special services as required by law and shall notify the Special Education Director, Section 504 Coordinator, school nurse or health services assistant, as appropriate, given the nature of the medical requirement or disabling condition known or suspected.
3. The Principal or designee shall make staff and the student aware of precautions needed related to field trips, classroom parties, allergy alert identification, intervention strategies, and other issues necessary to promote student safety.
4. Admissions and Release Committee (ARC) chairs, Section 504 chairs, the school nurse, or the school nurse assistant, as appropriate, shall communicate plan requirements to all potential plan implementers, such as designated School Nutrition staff, the student’s teachers, etc.
5. Monitor and update the IEP, Section 504 plan, or health plan as needed.


1. Provide food item services and/or substitutions for students based on medical need. Menus will not be modified based on personal preference.
2. Provide training to school nutrition personnel on how to react to food allergies and food-related emergencies and how to modify menus.
3. Maintain special dietary information on each student identified as having special dietary needs and update this information as needed.

Revised: 8/9/12