After School Activities
  • Use appropriate voice level for activity
  • Stay in the designated area
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Throw trash in the trashcan
  • Arrange for transportation home to arrive promptly to pick you up
  • Don’t arrive sooner than 30 minutes before the start of the game
ArrivalAcceptable locations to be before school starts:
  • Breakfast in the cafeteria (7:20-7:45)
  • Bleacher in the Gym (7:00-7:45)
  • Media Center -- if you have a note or pass

Level 2 voice as you enter the building
Speak positively with peers.

In the gym:
  • Voice Level 2
  • Be seated in your designated section
  • Remain seated until dismissal
  • Voice Level 0 and face forward during announcements
  • Exit one row at a time beginning on bottom row

In the cafeteria:
  • Please observe cafeteria expectations
  • Go to Gym immediately when finished eating
  • Voice Level 0 unless otherwise instructed by an adult
  • Sit in designated areas filling all seats before beginning a new row
  • Enter and exit single file
  • No gum, food, or drinks
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Eyes on the presenter
Bus Riders
  • Voice Level 2 (inside voice)
  • Walk quietly up the aisle to your seat
  • Remain seated
  • Keep hands and feet to self
  • Follow the driver’s rules and expectations
  • Use handrails when using the steps
  • Voice Level 2 (inside voice)
  • Form a single line and go through your choice of line
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  • Sit and remain seated in the assigned area until dismissed
  • Pick up trash on and under the table
  • Empty and return trays
  • Line up in line along the wall single file and wait for the teacher
Car Riders
  • Voice Level 0 unless otherwise instructed by an adult
  • Walk to parent pick-up and follow Hallway Expectations
  • Students remain in the designated area until parent or guardian arrives or dismissed by an adult
  • Voice Level 2 (inside voice)
  • Students remain in the designated dance area
  • Students should maintain appropriate space between themselves and others
  • No food or drinks in gym
  • Walk when entering and exiting the building
  • Stay in designated area for pick up and make sure to have parents to pick you up at the bus circle on time
  • Voice Level 0 during announcements
  • Voice Level 1 while waiting to be dismissed
  • No movement during announcements
  • Immediately proceed to canopy for 1st round riders, car riders to parent pick-up, walkers leave, and all others to the 8th-grade side of the gym
  • Walk to all destinations
  • Follow hallway expectations
Emergency Drills
  • Voice Level 0
  • Listen to your teacher's command
  • Walk quickly to your destination – don’t run
  • Keep hands and feet to your self
  • If outside, find your teacher and listen for them to call role

Hallway (During Class)

  • Voice level 0
  • Walk single file on the right side on the hall near the wall or lockers
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Go straight to your location and then back quickly
  • Have hall pass visible at all times
Hallway (Between Classes)
  • Voice Level 2
  • Stay on the right side of the hallway
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Keep moving except when stopped at a locker
  • Respect personal space and belongings of others

  • Voice Level 1
  • Go to lockers between classes
  • Share space equally and in a courteous manner
  • Keep locker organized and free of trash or food
  • Voice Level 1
  • Form a single line outside the restroom
  • Only one person per stall
  • Respect the privacy of others and school property
  • Keep hand and feet to yourself
  • Students must ask permission to use restroom and teachers must issue a hall pass
  • Use restroom between classes
Walk Time
  • Voice Level 2
  • Walk, don’t run
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Keep a safe distance from others
  • Walk in pairs, not groups
  • Voice Level 0 when entering the hallway