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Pathways to Success: GCHS and GCTC offer any number of options for students to learn hands-on skills, earn college credit and workforce experience. View current offerings.

End of Program assessments can provide a quicker route to success, helping students save time AND money by demonstrating their readiness. See how some of our alumni have benefited from their EOP experience.

Advanced Placement (AP) coursework can also serve as an indicator of student success in both high school and postsecondary work. Students choosing AP classes are more likely to:

- Earn Higher ACT Scores

- Enroll in College

- Pursue a STEM Major

- Earn Higher First-Year and Four-Year College GPAs

- Graduate College Faster. 

Learn more about the advantages of AP coursework for your student.


Feb. is CTE Month

Career and Technical Education offers students a multitude of door-opening opportunities – now, and in the future. The Grayson County Technology Center currently has 697 enrollments and continues to grow.

Carpentry will soon offer more programming as it transitions to the more inclusive Building and Apartment Maintenance (BAM). This update will include electrical, plumbing, HVAC to give students greater knowledge, skills, and the ability to make an impact.

Machining continues to move in a more computerized direction, building on current and future direction for the field.  

The Tech Center is in apprenticeship talks with Bel Cheese in the areas of maintenance, welding, machining, and electricity. In fact, welding is exploring a trial project for the company.

New regional competitive events are in the works to showcase students in the Lincoln Trail region, and with the GCTC as host. Computer programming is currently on the table and others, such as welding are under consideration.

We’re growing educators through our Ed Technician program. These students will gain teaching experience and earn credit toward their education degree while still in high school.

CTE Camp introduces elementary students to career pathways and last summer's debut was a hit! It will return to the Tech Center this year, June 1 – 3.


Career and Technical Service Organizations in the News

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