Emergency and Safety Resources

In Case of Emergency...

If an emergency occurs at your child’s school you can get all of the necessary information by doing the following:
1. Visit the Grayson County Schools website. The homepage will provide vital information.
2. Check your phone for text messages and/or voicemails. The district’s phone notification system will be utilized to provide key information. (If you do not currently receive information from our system you can do so by calling your child's school and by ensuring your contact information is correct in Infinite Campus.
3. Tune into the local radio station (K105)
4. Access the district's Twitter and Facebook accounts.
5. Get the GCS app to receive push notifications. The app is free and available through the App Store or Google Play.

During an emergency DO NOT PANIC!
We understand that during school emergencies that parents want to call the school and come get their child right away. However, this only will complicate things from a safety and security standpoint. Parents that rush to school can hinder the actions needed to be taken by first responders. The BEST response by parents is to stay close to their phones and monitor all of the resources above to receive the best information.

How can I be reunited with my child?
The reunification process can be very time-consuming. It is very important that parents/guardians remain patient during this time. If students remain at the school or are relocated to another site the location will be announced by a combination of texts, local radio, or social media. Students will be released ONLY to parents/guardians with a picture ID and who are on the official school student release and permission list. This is crucial to account for every student. 

Safety Terms and Procedures

If an internal or external threat is identified at or near the school a lockdown takes place. All students are confined and locked behind doors. No entry or exit into the school will be allowed at this time. Students will NOT be released during a lockdown.

In the event of severe weather, HAZMAT situations, or any other emergencies students will go to designated safe areas. No entry or exit from the school will be allowed during this time. Students will NOT be released during shelter-in-place.

During certain emergencies, students may be relocated to another site. The location of the site will be announced by texts, phone calls, local radio, and/or social media. Parents will be informed where to go. DO NOT come to the school. Students will be released to ONLY parents/guardians with picture ID and who are on the student release and permission list.