Title I Parent Involvement Policy

It is the intent of the Grayson County Board of Education that parents of participating students shall be provided with frequent and convenient opportunities for full and on-going participation in the Title I Program, including opportunities to suggest modifications, based on changing needs of parents, students, and schools.

All comments indicating parent dissatisfaction with the district Title I Program shall be collected and kept on file with the plan at the Grayson County Board of Education's Central Office. These comments may be read and examined upon request.

The Title I Program shall be designed to help students achieve the high standards as set forth by the Title I law, as well as goals and standards established by the Kentucky State Board of Education and the Grayson County Board of Education.

These goals and standards shall be shared with parents in a manner that will enable them to participate in decisions concerning their child's education and ensure continuing educational achievement.

If the Grayson County School District's Title I allocation is $500,000 or more, the district shall reserve one percent of its allocations for parent involvement, as specified in the law. Parents of participating students shall be provided the opportunity to help decide how these funds will be used.

The Grayson County School District will provide the support necessary to assist Title I schools in planning, implementing, and evaluating an effective parent involvement program. This support will include but is not limited to, the specific activities specified in the Improving America's Schools Act of 1994. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Use of Title I funds reserved by parent involvement to assist in communication with parents, transporting them to meeting sites and/or implementing home visits, providing child care for meetings, developing and disseminating a Title I newsletter that relies heavily upon parent input and production, and other activities that assist the Title I parents in working with their child to improve educational achievements.

2. Coordinate Title I parent activities with community agencies, the Family Resource and Youth Services Center, and other programs to the extent feasible.

3. Develop ways in which parents can be involved in training activities to enhance and develop skill and techniques that will involve parents as partners essential in their child's educational success.

4. Conduct and involve Title I parents in an annual evaluation to this Title I policy and parent involvement activities associated with it.

5. Emphasize and encourage effective parent participation in all aspects of the Title I program.

6. Each Title I school shall develop a parent involvement policy meeting all legal requirements and submit it to the Site-Based Decision Making Council for review and adoption.

7. Both the Title I school policy and the Title I district policy will be distributed to parents of participating students and will be available to all interested persons.

8. Copies of school and district Title I policy and other related materials will be kept on file at the Central Office of the Grayson County Board of Education.

(This policy was developed with input, assistance, and review from Title I parents of participating students in the Grayson County School district.)