Transportation and Safety

Safety First, Schedule Second

The Grayson County Transportation Department is responsible for establishing bus routes and provide safe and efficient system of transporting students to and from school.There are 52 bus routes that daily transport approximately 2700 student to our elementary schools, middle school, and high school. Our buses safely travel more than 4200 miles each day. During the year our buses total more than 828,000 miles. It is extremely important that all citizens help keep our children safe. Please observe all the traffic laws and be especially watchful at our bus stops. Please honor our bus stop signs and be patient as our children board and depart from our buses. The safety of our children is everyone's concern.

If you need to contact someone in transportation at the Grayson County Board of Education you may contact the following: Braxton Allen, Transportation Director: 259-4011 extension 231 Glenda Bertram, Driver Trainer: 259-4011 extension 236 Bus Garage: Rick Dudgeon, S.G. Bryant, or Bobby Fulkerson: 259-4011 extension 239

A Message to Drivers

The school bus driver is the most important element for achieving school bus safety.

Safety = Freedom from risk. Risk can come from unsafe conditions, but it’s usually caused by unsafe behaviors. Almost every accident is caused by a driver’s unsafe behavior.

Drivers should:
1. Count the kids away, know where they are before you move the wheels.
2. Always rock and roll for left hand turns.
3. Stay back four seconds – maintain a safe following distance and leave yourself an out.
4. Look ahead and be prepared.
5. Look around, always know what is going on around you.
6. Always check for sleeping children.
7. Never drop off a child at an unauthorized stop.
8. If late, stay late.

Messages to the Motoring Public

Never pass a school bus when its stop lights are flashing.

Be extra vigilant around school hours – assume a child might run out at any moment.

Be courteous to school buses, give them room and let them change lanes when they need to.