I Am A Purple Flash

For over 100 years, the people of Caneyville have valued education and in the late 1800's built their first schoolhouse.  Caneyville School soon became known as a school who hired highly qualified teachers and believed athletics played a vital role in teaching moral character to all students.  Caneyville School quickly became a place where its community could come together to watch such sports as boys and girls basketball and tennis.  

By 1928, the fifth school building was erected in the heart of the town and became the home of Caneyville students for more than seventy years.  During this time Caneyville Grade and High School built strong ties with community businesses and people.  It also saw two basketball teams make it to Kentucky's High School State Tourney, a feat that symbolizes the work ethic, strength and resilience of our Caneyville students and a source of pride for our town.  

In 2002 Caneyville School moved to it's new location.  Even though Caneyville Elementary School is no longer in the heart of town, it is still the heart of our community.  Our businesses and citizens come together to support the students of Caneyville.  As we step into the future with Mr. Josh Basham as principal, we are committed to strengthening our bond with community leaders and businesses, parents and students.  

Our new mission is to prepare all students to grow as responsible citizen through high-quality learning experiences.  And as we look to the future, we want to be a school that educates and empowers all students to achieve greatness and projects that FLASH spirit while developing positive relationships within the school and community.  


I will...F- Follow directions; L-Learn every day; A-Always work hard; S-Show kindness toward others; H-Have a growth mindset