Senior Zoe Coles sits at a curved desk cubicle with a file folder holder, two monitors and a keyboard,

As a part of our Work Based Learning Program at GCHS, students  have the opportunity to continue their classroom learning in a local workplace setting.  Work Based Learning includes Shadowing, Internships and Co-Op. As early as their sophomore year, students can participate in job shadowing after completing two courses in their CTE pathway.  Job shadowing provides the student with a mentor in their career field of interest and allows them to see how what they are learning translates in the workforce.  Each Wednesday for the remainder of the school year, we will feature one of our students and their experience. 

Today's feature is  senior Zoe Coles. Zoe began her path by enrolling in Business and Marketing classes her freshman year.  After completing Principles of Marketing and Word Processing courses,  she progressed to shadowing her sophomore year at State Farm.  Here she learned the importance of customer service, as well as what computer skills are required for a job in insurance.  Throughout her sophomore and junior year she continued taking classes in the Business & Marketing pathway including: ethical leadership, entrepreneurship, and business & marketing essentials.  Now in her senior year, she is completing an internship at Kelley Bees/ Man Lake industry. Here is what she had to say about her experience: 

                  " At my internship at Kelley Beekeeping/Mann Lake Bee and Ag, I work with others to grow my knowledge and skills in marketing. I have only been there a short few months but have already learned so much. Interning here allows me to do a little bit of everything. I compare excel sheets for accuracy, proofread product descriptions for the catalog, and help with inputting products on the ecommerce website. I am grateful for this experience to gain job experience while still being in high school so I know for sure that this career is what I want for my future. "

          Thank you to Jennifer Priddy, Sabrina Cottrell and all the staff at Mann Lake for  being mentors to our students and working to build tomorrow's workforce~ one student at a time!