GC Supt. Doug Robinson, Father and sister of Allie Dotson, FCS teacher Cody Mooneyhan, GC Tech Center Director Matt Hayes behind, Allie Dotson and mother in front of a GCTC orange cloth draped table with GCS Profile of a Graduate vertical banner to right side.

Celebrating Apprenticeship Week and the great things happening for our students and our community at the Grayson County Tech Center. Kicking things off today, we celebrate “growing our own” teachers with Signing Day for our Education Technician track.

Allie Dotson was joined by her parents Alan and Marcia and sister Ashley, who was part of the ceremony last year. Also participating in the program’s early childhood track is Abby Smith (not shown).  She is currently working at Head Start, while Allie is co-oping at Lawler as she decides between teaching PE or high school math.

According to Technology Center Director Matt Hayes, GCS is the only system with an in-district “grow your own” education program that allows students to actually participate in the classroom teaching environment as they continue to learn and earn credit toward their careers.