WKU's Super Saturdays Go Virtual for Fall 2020

Super Saturdays are the BEST Saturdays – for learning ... and fun! Your child can explore current or new interests with out-of-the-box creativity from 17 classes in art, STEM categories, even film making.

Virtual Super Saturdays courses are taught by experienced teachers. Students get to join like-minded peers in exploring new ideas while meeting together for active, participatory learning experiences. If you have a 1st - 6th grader, be sure to check out WKU’s Center for Gifted Studies virtual line up for this fall, complete with video samples at https://www.wku.edu/gifted/super_saturdays. Each course is $80 to attend. Tuition assistance is available for students experiencing financial need.

To register, visit https://gifted-studies.com/events/2020-fall-super-saturdays/