Work Based Learning Wednesday

Dusty Hammers Cabinetry & Woodworking 

Sophomore Wyatt Clemons has taken three carpentry classes with Mr. Jeff Kiper at GCTC and was very interested in both the carpentry trade as well as machining. When local business owner and former GCHS student, Brandon Harrel, reached out to inquire about giving back to the carpentry program that taught him the skills that led to his successful business, we knew this would be a great placement for Wyatt. Each week, Wyatt spends several hours under Brandon's guidance, working on projects that compliment what he is learning in the carpentry program.  "At Dusty Hammers I'm learning more specific skills and expanding on what Mr. Kiper is teaching me in class. I've learned how to use a biscuit cutter, jointer, planer and how to properly use a sander" stated Wyatt. 

Furthermore, Brandon can impart knowledge to him about running his own business should Wyatt decide to go that route, as Harrel holds a business degree from Western Ky. University. Brandon emphasized that mentorship played a huge role in his life and success and he wants to pay if forward and help shape the upcoming workforce by investing in students the way previous leaders invested in him. We at GCHS and GCTC are thankful for community members like Brandon Harrel who are making a difference in our students' lives and shaping our future workforce. #WBLWEDNESDAY #WeAreGCConnected