April 24 (Mobile Meal Routes/update)

Minor revision. Please check your location.

April 21 (Last Student Day Set for May 6)

Based on a Superintendent call with Gov. Beshear yesterday, the district has been able to determine that the last day for students will be Wednesday, May 6. Schools have provided students with NTI materials through May 1, and the remaining days of May 4 - 6 will be a time for makeup, catch up and review. Please see Supt. Robinson’s message to families for more. 

April 20 (Gov. Recommends NTI for Remainder of 19-20) 

Gov. Beshear has recommended that KY schools not resume in-person classes for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year. NTI days will continue as scheduled. We will provide additional information in the days ahead.

April 15 (Board of Education Meeting Live Stream)

The April 16 Grayson County Board of Education meeting will be live streamed at 6 pm. Requests for public comment should be emailed to Supt. Doug Robinson no later than 5:45 pm on the 16th. 

April 13 (Update: Mobile Meals)

Miinor revision. Please check your location

April 10 (mobile meals routes return to M - F Schedule

All bus routes, locations, and times remain the same. See the complete list

April 3 (Spring Break mobile meals routes)

All bus routes and locations will remain the same during Spring Break week. Stops will be made on Monday and Thursday only, with students receiving three days of meals on those days.  See Mobile Feeding Routes and Times

April 2 (Gov. Beshear Recommends schools remain closed Through May 1)

Gov. Beshear today recommended that all  Kentucky schools extend closure through May 1, detailed in the transcript of Supt. Robinson's call  to families and staff this evening. Spring Break remains April 6 - 10, with NTI days resuming on April 13. For all official updates please continue to visit this page.

March 27 (Update 2 - Meals Go Delivery only Starting March 30) 

Beginning this coming Monday, March 30, all mobile meal bus routes and delivery will continue with no changes. We will discontinue on-site school pick up as we focus on providing the best service to the most families, while also enhancing social distancing for both our children and our staff. 

We appreciate your continued support, encouragement, patience and flexibility as together we work through these ever-changing times.

Meals Bus Routes and Delivery Times

March 27 (Talking with Kids Podcast/Internet Options)

Here’s a fantastic resource for helping children, teens and adults alike process what’s going on the world around us right now. Staying #HealthyAtHome includes our mind as well as our body. Listen in and share the link with others! Grayson County Health Department Podcast

These local internet providers may offer discounted or special COVID-19 related packages. This information is provided as a service only, and not an endorsement. Please visit the links to determine if these offers may provide value to you.




March 26 (NTI Days UPDATE)

Just in! We have a few changes to pre-spring Break NTI Days, those that follow it, and the packet process. We think you’ll like them since they help everyone stay #HealthyAtHome. See our update letter to find out what's new.

Students and families, we so appreciate your flexibility, patience and understanding as together we navigate these ever-changing days.

March 25 (PRACTICE SAFE PACKET DROP OFF - Revised - see update above)

Social distancing is imperative in reducing the risk of COVID-19. When dropping off NTI packets:

  • Please maintain at least a six-foot distance between other parents and/or students.
  • Use our provided hand sanitizer.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible.

Visit your school's NTI site for any additional school-specific information (see sidebar to left for direct links). Doors, handles, bins, tables, and any surfaces or areas that our families may come in contact with are frequently and extensively disinfected and sanitized at all locations. 

Visit these sites for additional state, local and CDC COVID-19 updates and news.

Grayson County Health Center

KY Dept. of Public Health

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

March 23 (On-site Preschool/kindergarten registration Postponed)

Preschool/kindergarten registration, tentatively scheduled to be held in elementary schools the week of April 13 - 17, has been postponed.  We will provide updated dates and information in the days ahead. 

March 21 (Meal Routes REVISED for Week of March 23)

Current mobile meal routes and locations have been added to the daily schedule, along with some slight time changes. Please view the revised list to see if your area is impacted. For meal assistance, call 270-259-4909, between 8 - 11 am, Monday - Friday.

March 20, 2020 (Update/School Closures Extended)

This is a transcript of a call from Supt. Doug Robinson to all staff and families this afternoon:

Today Governor Beshear advised all Kentucky school districts to be prepared for continued closure until April 20. We want to give you all this advance notice so that you may begin making arrangements for yourselves and your families.

We will have additional details next week regarding as many specifics as we can provide, including extended NTI days. Please don’t stress about these. Contact your school, contact your teachers, lean on us. Together is how we will get through this.

Please understand that we are in a constantly changing situation. While we don’t have all the answers today, we will provide as many details as quickly as we can.

I want to end by saying thank you to our parents, our students, our staff and our community for your encouragement and support.

March 19 (Anneta Meals route added)

You asked and we're happy to answer that we've added a stop at the Anneta Firehouse starting Friday, March 20 (tomorrow), 1:10 - 1:30 pm. Look forward to seeing our Anneta area students and families there!

Stay tuned for more updates this weekend ...

March 18 (How to talk with your kids about COVID-19)

We understand that kids (yes, even the “big” ones) may have questions or worries about COVID-19. How do you talk to them in this ever-changing environment? Be a good listener, stay calm, and check out these ideas! 

Younger children may enjoy this simple story book with its easy explanation of just what Coronavirus is. Here’s one from this page’s Resources section (left sidebar, check it often) from the National Association of School Psychologists, along with this interesting read from one of the first US areas hit by the virus. 

If you’re more of a watcher than a reader, check out this video from Gov. Andy Beshear, who spoke directly with Kentucky children during yesterday’s press conference. He also shared a video on how parents can talk to their child about the situation. Video starts at 3:08, with key points:

  • Explain the importance of social distancing
  • Be honest, follow precautions for prevention
  • Offer alternatives to in-person visits – phone calls, facetime, handmade cards, letters)
  • Rely on information from the experts and trusted sources #factsnotfiction
  • Use familiar coping skills – breathing, drawing, journaling
  • Establish a new routine at home
  • Continue to avoid public places
  • Find time for fun, get outside when you can
  • Keep communicating, remain calm
  • Hug your kids – it’ll help you as much as them!

Judge-Executive Kevin Henderson has declared a state of emergency in Grayson County and issued an Executive Order requiring all county government offices to cease providing in-person government services to the public beginning at 4:30 pm on March 17, 2020, with limited exceptions. The order was enacted to maintain CDC social distancing guidelines, and in accordance with state and national directives for COVID-19 prevention.

A copy of the Order, which includes a contact list of county agencies impacted, but available by phone to assist GC residents can be viewed here.


Another stop has been added at Bailey’s Zip Mart, 6159 Beaver Dam Road near the Millwood Community Center, 12:30 – 12:45 pm. The complete list will be updated and posted soon.

March 17 (Update 1 - Meal Route Added/FRC Assistance)

An additional route has been added at Dewey's Trailer Park from 10:40 - 10:50 am. If you need assistance in your area, please call either the GCHS Kitchen, 270-259-4909 between 8 am and 11 am, M - F, your child's school (numbers in lefthand sidebar), or the Central Office, 270-259-4011.

This is a very fluid situation. Please check back often for additional updates on meal services and other news.

FRYSC Directors have provided an update, and are available to assist students and families:

Clarkson:  Ann Brooks

Wilkey/GCMS: Rick Whobrey

Lawler/GCHS: Barbara Allen 

Caneyville: Kim Cannon 

March 16 (Meal Pickup UPDATE)

We’ve had quite a few questions about bringing children to pick up meals. Our guidance is that children be on site, but we understand that some families have more challenging circumstances. We want all our children to be able to take advantage of this program, and to serve all our students as if they were at school. So, parents and guardians, please stop by the location most convenient to you and we will make sure you get meals for your children! If you have questions or need assistance you can call the GCHS Kitchen, 270-259-4909 between 8 am - 11 am, Monday - Friday.

MARCH 14 (PS/K Registration Cancelled)

The March 28 preschool/kindergarten Registration Kickoff event has been cancelled. Registration is tentatively scheduled to be held in elementary schools the week of April 13 - 17. This is subject to change and we will provide updated information in the days ahead. 

MARCH 13 (Meal Services and Routes)

GCS will provide meal services and pick up routes for ages 18 and younger starting Monday, March 16. Check out routes, locations and times for the option that works best for you.

Non-school locations will be like our Meals on the Bus summer program. Just stop at the address listed during that location’s time slot for a “grab and go” meal. For school locations, a member of our Food Services team will hand meals out near the door, also “grab and go.”

Caneyville: front main entrance
Clarkson: rear gym entrance
GCMS: front entrance near cafeteria
GCHS: front main entrance

No need to call ahead, but the GCHS Kitchen line at 270-259-4909 will be open between 8 am - 11 am for meal assistance questions/needs.

March 12 (Update 2 - School Closures)

Grayson County Schools will be in session on Friday, March 13. It is very, very important that your child attend school on March 13 to receive their Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) day assignments. Completion of these lessons will serve as their attendance record during any prolonged closure of school.

Gov. Beshear has advised that all public and private schools cease in-person classes starting this coming Monday, March 16.

At this time, we plan to be closed through Spring Break, returning on Monday, April 13. This date is subject to change and we will provide as much notice as possible should it be extended.

We encourage all families to consider their available childcare options as they may be limited during this time.

This is a rapidly changing event and we appreciate your patience and support as we work to provide you with accurate updates as quickly as we possibly can.

These will be continue to be posted on this page, our Facebook and Twitter pages, GCS app, and shared with media.

MARCH 12, 2020 (UPDATE 1 - Non-Traditional Instruction days)

A letter has gone home with all students today outlining the Non-Traditional Instructional Days (NTI) program to ensure that learning continues during any called school closure due to COVID-19. GCS is in the process of seeking approval to utilize this option if it becomes necessary.

School has not been cancelled at this time, however, Gov. Beshear has advised all districts to be prepared to act within a 72-hour window if needed.

Letter to Families regarding NTI Days

NTI Days Fact Sheet

MARCH 10 (COVID-19 Response)