1. Requests for school trips need to be made at least 14 days in advance. No more than 10 buses will be allowed to leave the county at the same time. Early requests will take precedence over last minute requests. All overnight and out of state trips must have the approval of the Board of Education.

2. The total number of riders need to be exact to determine the size and number of buses.

3. High School and Middle School Buses cannot leave Grayson Co. with more than 2 riders per seat. For large buses that would be 52 passengers and for regular buses the maximum is 44.

4. Buses cost $1.50 per mile and the driver receives $12 per hour.

5. Before departure, a ridership list must accompany the bus. Emergency information must be included with the list. A bus evacuation may occur prior to departure.

6. Every bus must have a chaperone. No unauthorized person shall be permitted to ride a bus on a field trip or extracurricular trip. Coaches must accompany sports teams.

7. Large boxes, musical instruments, ice chests or any package of material shall not be piled or placed in the aisle or any of the exits of the bus.

8. Large boxes, packages or musical instruments shall be secured in such a way that a sudden stop would not cause the items to move and possibly cause injury to a passenger. The bus storage boxes should be used. The size limits are 56” X 17” and/or 66” X 17”.

9. The bus driver is responsible for the safety of the bus. The group leader, teacher and/or chaperone are responsible for:

  • Relaying trip plans and safety precautions

  • Providing passenger information

  • Maintaining passenger control

  • Supervision at all stops

  • Field trip activity

  • Headcounts

  • Passengers instruction

  • Assembly of students


Food Service must be contacted at least 10 days in advance for field trip meal arrangements. Teachers must make a good faith effort to utilize Grayson County Food Service for field trip sack lunches.

With advance notice, Food Service will work with grades to supplement hot items to make lunches reimbursable meals. For example, Food Service can purchase one slice of Papa John’s whole grain smart slice pizza for each student. Food Service can send carrot sticks with ranch, apples, and milk in coolers to supplement the pizza and make the meal reimbursable by the National School Lunch Program.

Students in Community Eligibility Program (CEP) schools will not be charged for the meals. If classes will not be utilizing Food Service, please notify the cafeteria staff, so they can adjust meal production for that day.

For any questions, please email Kristy Hodges, Food Service Director, or call her at 259-4011.