Matt Hayes receiving an award from Chamber president Jennifer Priddy as Brandi Lee looks on from podium in front of Chamber Dinner Sponsors step and repeat banner
Profile of a GCS Grad vertical banner to left of 7 female and 2 male Tech Center students holding paper certification certificates with orange cougar paw on the middle of them
Brandi Lee
Decorative - Meals on the Bus logo with fruit, vegetables, mild carton, bread ,pizza images around logo
Adam Hughes standing and pointing to a paper as Jake Rogers, seated, listens and looks on. He is seated at a table with a computer monitor and keyboard.
Very large group of male and female students who have earned industry certifications standing in front of a white wall at The Centre on Main
Work Based Learning Wednesday
Work Based Learning Wednesday
male and female students working together on a laptop with computer monitors on a table in the background
Paul Overton and Thane Smith standing in from of GCHS wooden cougar paw clock. Smith, on right has award medal on white ribbon around his neck
Work Based Learning Wednesday
student in a black tee and beige cap programming machining equipment
FCCLA State representives
Zoe Coles
two men at a machining machine
Lacy Cox standing in front of a Profile of a Grayson County Schools Graduate vertical banner
Six male CTE Skills USA winners standing in front of a display case
GCHS DECA members and sponsors on stage with trophies, one row sitting, back row standing, all in DECA blazers
Male and female GCHS students in FFA jackets  helping young students with an experiment