Grayson County elementary schools recently competed in District Governors Cup academic team competition, with Clarkson taking the Championship spot, and Caneyville a close runner up. 

The event looked a little different this year, held over several days through a mix of Google Meets, online assessments, online buzzer systems, and digital documents.  Each team competed from their own home school, with Caneyville hosting.

In Quick Recall, Clarkson placed first and Caneyville second. Caneyville took the Future Problem Solving event. Individual medals for Written Assessment were awarded to students districtwide.

These included from Clarkson: Tyler Hodges, 1st place, Math; Hayden Hodges, 4th place, science (tie); Landry Crowder and Tyler Hodges, 1st place, Social Studies (tie); Landry Crowder, 5th place, Language Arts (tie); Callie Schlosser, 2nd place, Jack Bratcher, 4th place, Arts and Humanities; Collyns Elmore, 3rd place and Callie Schlosser, 4th place, Composition.

Caneyville: Jessy Smith, 5th place, Math; Kaylie Linton, 3rd place, Science; Levi Scott, 3rd place, Social Studies; Kaylie Linton, 2nd place, and Channing Peters, 3rd place, Language Arts; Channing Peters, 1st place, Arts and Humanities.

Lawler: Jackson Davis, 2nd and Anthony Linton, 3rd, Math; Jackson Davis, 2nd and Carson Miller, 4th, Science (tie); Sid Rose, 4th place, Social Studies; Beth Fraim, 4th place, Language Arts; Gabby Stevenson, 3rd place, Arts and Humanities; Jordyn Perkins, 2nd place and Abby Baker, 5th place, Composition.

Wilkey; Cooper Justis, 4th place, Math and 1st place Science; Skylar Chhor, 5th place, Social Studies; Peyton Early, 1st Place and Brennon Burns, 5th place (tie), Language Arts; Peyton Early, 1st place, Composition.

Regional competition begins the week of March 1 and will be hosted by Wilkey Elementary. 

The District Champion Clarkson Academic Team is coached by Julie Decker and Felicia Higdon. Pictured l – r are: Jack Bratcher, Landry Crowder, Collyns Elmore, Tyler Hodges, and Hayden Hodges. 

 Caneyville District Runners Up (Quick Recall team) l – r:  Laura Day, (coach) Channing Peters, Jessy Smith, Jane Bohannon, Levi Scott, Kaylie Linton, Brittany Smith (coach). Not shown, Cameron Young.