Brad Cummings, Gabrel Secora, Greg Bernard, Michael Critchelow with 3D printed bring sign replica
Men woman and two students in front of a covered table
Daniel Ratley
Crystal Bratcher
Doug Robinson and Jerrod Graybeal with medal
CTE students and sponsors in front of HCCC Sign
Matt Hayes receiving an award from Chamber president Jennifer Priddy
GCS and Anthem reps holding $10 Ceremonial Check
AP students with certificates passed exam (see story)
GCHS Chamber Orchestra see story for names
Brandi Lee
Adam Spinks
Communication board on playground
Tracie Johnston
Leann Riggs
Group of students who have earned industry certifications
Sierra Secora, William Keiran, Luke Milliner, Blaine Aubrey, Jake Rogers, Colton Glenn and Dawson Gorby