GCHS Junior Enrichment Students pose with group artwork collage along with principal Lacy Cox, Art teacher Beverly Dowell and OHTLMC rep Andria McGregor

They’re not all artists, but you’d never know it from this masterpiece! A group project, each square was individually painted by a member of the GCHS junior WIN enrichment class. It will soon go on display in the Owensboro Health Twin Lakes Medical Center as part of the Arts in Healing program. Hospital Marketing Specialist Andria McGregor joined students, GCHS art teacher Beverly Dowell, and principal Lacy Cox for the unveiling and presentation. 

The GCHS/OHTLMC partnership is in its second year as the first series of artwork - still life images and Picasso interpretations - were hung last fall.

This year the class selected a group project, but with an individual twist.

Knowing the hospital wanted to display some bigger pieces, art teacher Dowell’s mind turned to the popular quilt blocks seen dotting the landscape in recent years. The project also had to be simple enough to complete in just the three-week WIN period.

Students all want to create their own designs, so Dowell and Project Designer Norea Watson, a junior, selected a very limited, cool-toned color palette to unify the look of the finished piece.

The cool tones were selected “because they’re calming and soothing and since it’s bigger in size, we wanted that feel for the first piece,” said Dowell.

Dowell had high praise for the student’s work and their approach to it, especially since the project was taken on as an enrichment class, not art. And many of the participants are not art students themselves. “Knowing this piece was going to be publicly displayed, they really put a lot of care and consideration into their designs,” she said.

Senior Jordan Grant provided coordination for the overall project and will continue in that role throughout the year. Special thanks go out to Future Designs for providing project materials to bring the finished product to life.

Upcoming WIN classes will add their own twist to new displays to be added to the original. A warm palette will be used for the next piece, but reflect more fall tones to maintain the calm, cozy feel, Dowell explained.

Arts in Healing Participants:

Karris Babb
Isabel Blanton
Jayleigh Bocock
Merri Ellen Bratcher
Zak Bratcher
Houston Brooks
Tate Cain
Kierson Chambers
Karla Childress
Axel Cook
Kinley Cook
Averi Decker
Hunter Higdon
Kenleigh Hodges
Lilly Kane 
Payton Lowe
Emily Mercer
Abigail Pennington
Eva Pierce
Gracie Portman
Tyler Portman
Abigail Ray
Hayden Robinson
Katlyn Stevenson
Bailey Tilford
Norea Watson
Breanna Whobrey
Kevin Zachary, Jr.

Project Leaders:

  • Norea Watson, GCHS Junior and Project Designer
  • Jordan Grant, GCHS Senior and Project Assembler
  • Beverly Dowell, GCHS Art Teacher and Project Facilitator
  • Future Designs Building Materials, Donation of Material