Gail McCrady sin a red shirt standing outside to the right of a tree

GCHS DC English Teacher, English Department Head, and DC Coordinator, Gail McCrady, recently earned the WKU Part-Time Faculty Award announced Friday, February 11, 2022 by Terrance Brown, WKU’s Dean of Potter College.  Mrs. McCrady has taught both English and Communications for over 20 years for WKU, ECTC, Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College, and Meade County ATC. 

Along with faculty and administrative recommendations, students also submitted the nomination for McCrady based on instructional strategies, classroom environment, a variety of flexibility for educational courses taught, creativity, passion for teaching, and contributions to higher education at WKU, public schools, and other collegiate associations.  While previously living in Bowling Green and working at WKU full time, she worked in University Relations in Special Events under Dr. Thomas Meredith, Gene Crume, and Fred Hensley, then transferred to the Center for Training and Development for English with Ken Mussnug and Nancy Priest. 

McCrady said, “From the moment I stepped onto WKU’s campus in 1980 during the Summer Journalism Workshop with Bob Adams and Jim Highland, I always knew WKU held a special place in my heart!” 

¨It’s very honorable to be validated after all these years of academic excellence in and out of the classroom, both personally and professionally,¨ she said.  ¨I´ve always pushed my students, colleagues, as well as myself to expect nothing less than the best. I hope my educational successes drive others to seek their own educational/professional goals and accomplishments.¨

McCrady will be graduating in May from WKU with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, publishing her Dissertation on Response to Intervention, and continuing to teach with the various employers listed.  Overall, she has been in education for 40 years teaching in both collegiate and public schools systems in English, Communication/Speech, Journalism for GCS for almost 27 years, plus 2 years at North Hardin in Radcliff before returning to GC.  She still holds professorships at four colleges today.

“My students and colleagues know how important I believe education and a strong work ethic is, and the way I relate the content, rules, procedures, expectations, lessons, workload/deadlines, and classroom environment go far beyond the classroom.  With former students, it’s nice to see the instructional impact and how successful they have become in life.”

McCrady is the daughter of the late John R. and Diana Tomes, is married to Kenny McCrady (GC Asst. Road Supervisor), and has two children: Hunter (Stupp Bridge Industrial Maintenance Team Leader), and Hannah (a WKU junior Elementary Education major), all of Caneyville. 

The WKU Award Criteria required:  Faculty Award for Part-time Teaching Criteria for Selection: This award will be given in recognition of the recipient’s teaching excellence as evidenced by effectiveness and ability to motivate and inspire students in the classroom. The recipient of the award should: • Consistently demonstrate superior teaching, evidenced by ▪ a comprehensive knowledge of their field ▪ organization and presentation of subject matter ▪ stimulation of student thinking and development of student understanding ▪ arousal of student interest ▪ and demonstration of resourcefulness; • Typify the highest ideals of pedagogy; • Exemplify the qualities of altruism, integrity, and humane outlook; • Demonstrate an interest in fostering the intellectual growth of each student