Rep Brett Guthrie talking to students in the Lawler  gym with an orange "leads the way" banner and PE bulletin board behind him. They are seated by desks and a

Lawler Elementary 5th graders had the opportunity to learn about our government straight from the source today thanks to a special visit from U.S. 2nd District Congressman Brett Guthrie.

Rep. Guthrie provided a history lesson on how our American government was founded and how it operates today.  He also talked about the branches of our government and how each conducts its business within the checks and balances system of our founders.

Lawler’s 5th graders have recently been learning about the branches of government from social studies teacher Savanna Milliner, and have so far covered the Executive and Legislative branches.

Guthrie also talked about the functions of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the roles they play in making laws.

There was plenty of time for student questions and Guthrie was impressed with the depth of the student’s understanding of government, its leaders, and their roles.