FCCLA members sitting or standing together in a group, most in FCCLA red blazers while at Region 5 meeting

GCHS FCCLA returned from the Region 5 Spring Meeting with top finishes and in leadership roles.

These members will serve as Region 5 officers for the 2022-23 year: Abby Smith, President; Sydney Lindsey, Vice President of Competitive Events;  Michenna Meredith, Vice President of Peer Education. Hollie Hagan will serve at the state level as Vice President of Community Service.

In competitive events, first-place finishes included Sydney Lindsey, Career Investigation Level 2 ; Sierra Secora, Culinary Math Management Level 3; Natalie Bryant and Isaac Dowell, Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Level 3; and Abby Smith, National Programs in Action Level 3

Students took part in educational sessions including dealing with stress in a healthy way. In addition, they took the pledge Hands and Words are not for hurting pledge which is part of the Family and Consumer Science, FCCLA, and Family Resource Center co-sponsored Child Abuse Awareness Campaign.