Profile of a GCS Grad vertical banner to left of 7 female and 2 male Tech Center students holding paper certification certificates with orange cougar paw on the middle of them

Advanced Placement courses offer multiple benefits to students including college credit. Several currently enrolled GCHS students have earned a score of three or better on an AP exam and are now three hours advanced on a degree. These include:

  • Laine Anderson, William Keiran, Michell Lynch, and Bethany Ray - AP US History, taught by Brent Weedman
  • Jordan Cook and Christian Phillips - AP Computer Science, taught by Megan Wade
  • Hollie Hagan, Laslen Hatfield, and Sierra Secora, AP English Literature, previously taught by Bill Newsome
  • Amelia Hayes, Tate Cain, and Michenna Meredith - AP Environmental Science, taught by Brooke Anson
  • Margaret Cox, Jordan Grant, and Anna Spalding - AP European History, taught by Chancellor Dennison

In addition to college credit, AP coursework also includes benefits such as improved time management, study skills, and increased problem-solving skills.  Students who take AP courses and exams have higher college graduation rates and are much more likely to complete their degrees on time. 

GCHS also offers Advanced Placement courses in Art, English Composition, and Calculus. The school is currently working with AdvanceKY, which partners with the Kentucky Department of Education,, National Math and Science Initiative and others to provide professional development for staff, mentoring and student recruitment to increase enrollment and success in STEM classrooms.