Matt Hayes receiving an award from Chamber president Jennifer Priddy as Brandi Lee looks on from podium in front of Chamber Dinner Sponsors step and repeat banner
Profile of a GCS Grad vertical banner to left of 7 female and 2 male Tech Center students holding paper certification certificates with orange cougar paw on the middle of them
GCHS Chamber Orchestra, Directors Adam and Stacy French witting at a table in front of windows surrounding on all sides. GC Orchestra logo image featured at top center es
Brandi Lee
Adam Spinks - Congratulations! Adam Spinks, GCHS Social Sudies
Decorative - Meals on the Bus logo with fruit, vegetables, mild carton, bread ,pizza images around logo
Work Based Learning Wednesday- Mid-Park
Leann Riggs
Senior Jorja Forman and Chamber of Commerce Director April Spalding standing close and posing in front of a Step and Repeat banner with Chamber member logos
Sierra Secora, William Keiran, Luke Milliner, Blaine Aubrey, Jake Rogers, Colton Glenn and Dawson Gorby standing in front of display case in GCHS lobby
FCCLA members sitting or standing together in a group, most in FCCLA red blazers while at Region 5 meeting
Shawn Decker standing in front of a brick wall
Governor's School for the Arts: Dawson Gorby, Jacob Vanmetre (Vocal Performance), Michell Lynch, Bethany Ray (Violin, Musical Performance)
Senior Trenton Fogle and Xtreme Fabrication President Dwight  Busche standing in fron of a red wall with the Xtreme Fabrication logo hanging on it. Fogle holds a welding helmet. a
male and female students working together on a laptop with computer monitors on a table in the background
Paul Overton and Thane Smith standing in from of GCHS wooden cougar paw clock. Smith, on right has award medal on white ribbon around his neck
Student Eliza Gray watches several puppies as they try to figure out a cloth tunnel.
student in a black tee and beige cap programming machining equipment
FCCLA State representative students, most in FCCLA red blazers, standing lined up on a stage with sponsor Cody Mooneyhan beneath an FCCLA Logo
GCHS Percussion Members with medals on kneeling and standing in a gym